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Little White Lies 59: The Tomorrowland Issue

Image of Little White Lies 59: The Tomorrowland Issue


This issue we're blasting off with Brad Bird's retro-inspired sci-fi opus Tomorrowland A World Beyond. Inside we speak to one of the film's stars, Britt Robertson, about the experience of being part of a humungous and original blockbuster enterprise, and she gave us some great tips about acting in front of a green screen.

Also in the issue, we talk to the creative team behind Tomorrowland and find out how you go about building a utopia from scratch. Brad Bird also weighs in, telling us why he adores John Ford and Akira Kurosawa, plus LWLies’ David Ehrlich tries to work out what makes Bird such an exciting and idiosyncratic director.

Elsewhere, we offer a movie shrine map of the USA, an index of all those venues scatted down the east and west cost which allow film lovers to pay tribute to the greats of yore. Plus, Adam Woodward takes a deep look at the original Tomorrowland, when it was the technological and ideological cornerstone of Disneyland in its original incarnation.

We've got reviews for May/June covered: Simon Pegg decides to Man Up, Melissa McCarthy gets her double-agent on in Spy, Juliette Binoche and Kristen Stewart glance up at the Clouds of Sils Maria, Sion Sono inducts us into his Tokyo Tribe, Gael Garcia Bernal gulps Rosewater, François Ozon introduces The New Girlfriend, Jason Schwartzman cries Listen Up Philip, Joshua Oppenheimer delivers The Look Of Silence and Abderrahmane Sissako takes us on a chilling trip to Timbuktu.

All that plus exclusive interviews with Jon Stewart, Lake Bell, Nina Hoss, Abderrahmane Sissako and Mark Hartley, the best home ents releases from the UK and US and reports from film festivals in Missouri and Austin, TX.

Cover art by Curt Merlo