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The Elysium Issue

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Ryan Gosling discovers Only God Forgives; Emma Watson joins The Bling Ring; Shane Carruth envisions Upstream Color; Greta Gerwig is Frances Ha; Amanda Seyfried undresses Lovelace; Ben Wheatley visits A Field In England; Johnny Depp meets The Lone Ranger; Disney/Pixar enrol at Monsters University; Michael Bay endures Pain & Gain; and Ulrich Seidl presents his Paradise trilogy.

Inspired by our feature film:

Man Vs Machine:
Can director Neill Blomkamp survive inside Hollywood?

Utopia / Dystopia:
Inverse visions of mankind's future

Full Metal Jacket:
How exoskeleton technology is transcending science fiction

That Syncing Feeling:
Downloading Elysium stars Matt Damon and Sharlto Copley

Star City:
How close are we to the great space migration?

Saffa's Sci-Fi Shame!:
The amazing story of the worst space movie ever made

Live Forever:
Discover the amazing technologies changing medical science

Plus exclusive interviews with Sofia Coppola & Emma Watson, Nicolas Winding Refn, Shane Carruth, Greta Gerwig and Gore Verbinski.

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